Activities//Intercult & Region Västerbotten

The Swedish partners, Intercult and the Region of Västerbotten, have realised the research in Sweden. The partners identified 12 public funded cultural institutions from different parts of Sweden: museums, libraries and theatres/opera houses and a cultural school.

//Learning Partnership 1//
2014-09-18- 2014-09-19

A two-day workshop on recruitment. The first day focused on recruitment of new audiences and staff. The second day, focused solely on staff recruitment, more specifically on a method for competence based recruitment without discrimination, that was introduced to us by the organisation Interfem.

Two representatives from AF Kultur och Media (the Swedish Unemployment Agency) participated during the full LP and ended the day with a presentation of the agency and its mission followed by reflections and discussions.

The LP was situated in the city of Skellefteå and gathered 12 participants from nine different CI´s, two recruiters from AF Kultur och Media, two documentary filmmakers and three from the project group, all together 20 people.

//Learning Partnership 2//
2014-10-16- 2014-10-17

A two-day workshop with cultural institutions with established migrant cultural professionals. The first day, PhD candidate in Educational Sociology Hassan Sharif from Uppsala University, held a seminar on Swedish migration history. The second day, democracy advocate and consultant Barakat Ghebrehawariat, lectured on how cultural institutions can work for inclusion.

The LP was situated in the city of Stockholm and gathered 15 participants from nine different CI´s, two documentary filmmakers and three from the project group, all together 20 people.

//Learning Partnership 3//
2014-11-13- 2014-11-15

Attendance at The Swedish Forum for Human Rights (MR-Dagarna). This year the Forum was arranged in Umeå with the theme: Human rights and culture. The participants attended a series of seminars that dealt with issues concerning diversity, racism and discrimination in Swedish cultural life.

The LP was situated in the city of Umeå and gathered 10 participants from nine different CI´s, two documentary filmmakers and two from the project group, all together 13 people.

//Learning Partnership 4//
December 2014- March 2015

Two cultural visits with cultural institutions and NGO´s rooted in migrant self-organisation. The first visit was to Riksteatern on the 5th of December 2014, and the other was at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern on the 17th of March 2015. The visits included guided tours in the premises and backstage, meetings with actors, dramatists and directors and visits to shows. The group consisted of newly arrived Arabic speaking migrants from Syria and Iraq.

The LP was situated in the municipality of Botkyrka and Stockholm and gathered eight migrant participants, one interpreter, one documentary filmmaker, two project representatives from the CI´s, one external project leader and one projectleader and approx 60 actors, dramatists, technicians, directors etc from the two theatres.

//Sharing conference//

Intercult and the Region of Västerbotten organised a one-day conference, “The future of Cultural Institutions in Europe: the right to culture irrespective of identity and background”, that focused on diversity and cultural institutions. The conference was located to Kulturhuset Stadsteatern with 250 participants. The program included presentations and panels from a variety of speakers.

The conference included a presentation of the report from the European OMC group on Intercultural Dialogue ”the role of public arts and cultural institutions in the promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue”. The presentation was held by Mårten Lempert from The National Arts Council. The European perspective was than reflected on by Sabine Frank from Platform for Intercultural Europe.

A documentary film crew has accompanied the Learning partnerships.